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September 1st , 2024


The dance education

Imagine embarking on a transformative journey of self-discovery, creativity, and innovation. A journey that will not only help you master the art of dance but also equip you with the courage, personal style, and strong brand needed to thrive as a professional dancer.


Program description

We offer a comprehensive dance program that is designed to prepare dancers of all styles for a successful career in the dance industry, whether it be in performance or teaching. We focused on developing versatile artists who have a strong foundation in all dance styles, including hip hop, contemporary, breaking, jazz, ballet, classic styles, partnering, floor work and more.

Our teaching methods are based on:

During the program, students will have the opportunity to train with world-renowned choreographers, participate in international dance workshops, and travel to different countries in Europe and North America to gain knowledge and build a community of dancers.

Program Curriculum

The Program Curriculum offers a comprehensive educational experience centered around the history of dance culture, with a particular emphasis on Hip Hop and other dance styles. In addition to exploring the rich cultural and artistic legacy of these genres, the program also provides training in critical aspects of career development, including marketing, branding, and representation of talent through mediums such as CVs, resumes, videography and photography, social networking, websites, casting, and mock auditions with industry specialists.

Furthermore, the curriculum delves into the legal considerations of being a professional artist, providing students with a solid grounding in topics such as copyrights, contracts, negotiations, union rates, and more. The program also prioritizes the importance of health, nutrition, and injury prevention education to support the well-being of dancers.

Choreographic building exercises are a core component of the curriculum, designed to help students explore their creative potential and develop their skills in this area. The program also features workshops led by world-renowned educators, who provide invaluable insights and guidance to prepare students for success in the commercial dance industry.

Finally, the curriculum emphasizes the importance of improvisation and freestyle movement, recognizing that these skills are crucial for dancers who wish to be versatile and adaptable in their work. Overall, the PROGRAM Curriculum offers a rigorous and holistic education that prepares students for a fulfilling and successful career in dance.


Our 1-year dance education program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive
dance education that will prepare them for a career in the dance industry. During the program, students will receive a strong foundation in all dance styles and will have the opportunity to train with world-renowned choreographers, participate in international dance workshops, and travel to different countries in Europe and North America to gain knowledge and build a community of dancers.

Why join us?

At The Dance Education, we believe that learning to dance is not just about perfecting technique, but also about building confidence, self-expression, and developing a passion for the art. We are committed to providing a holistic dance education that emphasizes both the physical and emotional aspects of dance.

Our team of highly skilled and experienced teachers bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the classroom. They are not only passionate about dance but also about nurturing each student’s unique talents and abilities. We take pride in providing a supportive environment where students feel comfortable to explore their creativity and take risks.

At The Dance Education, we offer a wide range of genres and techniques, including ballet, jazz, contemporary, hip hop, and more. Our curriculum is designed to challenge and inspire students of all levels, from beginners to advanced dancers. We believe that every student has the potential to achieve their goals, and our teachers are dedicated to helping them reach their full potential.

One of the unique features of our program is the personal mentoring provided by Reet Roy, the founder of The Dance Education. Reet is a highly respected and experienced dance educator who has taught in 21 countries across the world. He brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to the program and is committed to helping each student achieve their goals. We take pride in our students’ success and have a proven track record of producing exceptional dancers. Whether you are looking to pursue a career in dance or simply want to explore your passion for the art to take it to the next level , The Dance Education is the perfect place for you. Join us today and discover the joy of dance!


The Dance Education program:


We offer several payment options to make it easy for you to invest in your education.

Please see below for details:

Pay a deposit of 10,000 DKK and receive a discount of 2,500 DKK on the total price.
Total amount payable after deposit: 42,250 DKK.
Payment schedule: Ten monthly payments of 4,225 DKK.

Pay a deposit of 20,000 DKK and receive a discount of 5,000 DKK on the total price.
Total amount payable after deposit: 30,000 DKK.
Payment schedule: Ten monthly payments of 3,000 DKK.

Pay the full payment and get access to added workshops , evening classes and more for no additional cost for the whole year.

If you have any questions please contact us for more information.

We are happy to help you invest in your future.


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